Rolex Yacht-Master is the ideal companion of celebrities preferred

ROLEX Yacht-Master

ROLEX Yacht-Master

In the Rolex professional watch series, until the 1992 Rolex first launched the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master watch. It not only reflects Rolex’s close connection with sailing, but also the first oyster professional watches which has three case size (29, 35 or 40 mm).Even to this time, Yacht-Master’s current sections still just have two sizes: 40mm and 35mm.And they all were equipped with 3135 and 2236 automatic winding mechanical movement that developed by Rolex and has the Swiss Observatory certification (COSC). So it is quite suitable for the selection for men and women.

Yacht-Master 116622 version, platinum steel (904 stainless steel and platinum combination) case, 40 mm diameter, central hour second hand; instantaneous calendar, rapid correction;3135 automatic movement, official accreditation hour (COSC),paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, anti-scratch blue crystal glass, waterproof 100 meters, anti-reflective convex amplifying calendar window, 904L stainless steel chain, oyster insurance buckle with 5 mm easily adjustable link extension system.

Yacht-Master’s facial disc configuration, regardless of the Mercedes Benz pointer, columnar and dot time markers and a date magnifier can be traced to the same origin submariner series. Different is, in order to the identification and maneuverability when yachting, it is equipped with large three-dimensional Arabic numerals of the two-way timing bezel. The oversize hour mark and a pointer painted with luminous material made the watch clear and easy to read in any case .In addition, Yacht-Master 60 minutes stereo marker bidirectional rotating ring is made of 18ct Gold or 950 platinum, it presents a concise and noble temperament and matches the nobility of yachting, it can be said to be the extravagance of the Rolex sports watch. Whether it is on the deck or in an elegant yacht club lounge, Yacht-Master are called the ideal companion of celebrities preferred.

The Rolex Yacht-Master 18ct Perpetual Rose Gold Black New Watch is more durable, perpetual and firm.

H & N and Resident Titanium watches will be the models

which concept million minds. The Casio Menis G-Shock Ana-Digi Silvertone Pv Fischer Quartz Rubber Straps watch is really a cherished favourite among men around the world, as well as for good reason. Within the 18th-century watchmakers unveiled stroking attention by including tiny automata towards the erotic scenarios and watches comprising libertine scenarios were created for Cina, accompanied by Indian and more lately from the Middle-East. Uncompromising craftsmanship makes these watches worthy of the Army Brand’s cross and shield emblem.

Their old and financial worth does not be diminished by the fact these watches are still remarkably radioactive. The watches’ batteries get priced using the solar-energy hence existing a living that was longer. Though watches within this category are not meant to be treasure pieces, some great discounts below anda well-built watch at this price point could past decades can be found by you. the Western as well as the Swiss are continually generating watches that are becoming a collectable thing of beauty, rather than simply worn as a watch. For example, the Wikipedia post generally seems to declare that from 1936 to 1956 Panerai only produced an overall total of 300 watches. Necklaces timepieces even can have an enjoyment model to include a small area to even specialist watches and the classy, or may have remains on your own wedding ring.

Aviators expected watches with large people for this type of outsized circumstance and superior rankings / experience are becoming an increasingly preferred feature among the watches of men. Restored watches are those that have been delivered towards the services organisations and have been fixed so they are as good as fresh. This watch can be reported to be among the more difficult manufactured watches also because of the faced option that was double. The news that is good is that each gents and ladies could take pleasure in the products of the high end developer . The Little watches are small in size, nonetheless feature the exact same delicate detail and good artistry since the total-sized versions.

Mechanical watches are not affected by electromagnetic waves produced by clinical/medical instruments not do they discharge electromagnetic waves that may restrict the accuracy of automated test products that is vulnerable, by temp extremes. Most diving Outstanding Audemars Piguet Tourbillon watches watches are categorised by their water resistance level, that will be scored in either measures or legs as you might anticipate. They’re likewise produced by certified sectors that are less esteemed as opposed to worldis leading models. The majority of the watches through that time were created employing different materials, since the audience might learn. Michele watches display an exclusively imaginative and elegant method of timekeeping.

Many watches screen the time through a windows on the dial however the Oris pointer time is really a third supply that moves anticlockwise round the encounter; the times of the months being shown as another circle of number outside the hr scars: the finish of the pointer supply being either a to-design or even the more conventional semi circle.

Comparison on the Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex

Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

For every person, each one has its own merits.

As the two famous watchmaking brands, their personality are also their vitality, or core competitiveness. For high-performance waterproof Rolex, it has been shaped to the classical structure of oyster, resulting in many sporty leisure watch models, such as Rolex Submariner, deepsea, Daytona, yacht master series, although Rolex sporty leisure model watches are significant, it does not prevent a lot of watches being dress collocation, and in fact, many people who are wearing Rolex also do so. Even so, they have a strong sense of violation, which is known by a lot of Rolex watches as an important reason for the all-match watches, in addition to Rolex, it is difficult to have other brands that can do this. Jaeger-LeCoultre as a senior traditional watchmaking brand, has another scene, because compared to the Rolex, Jaeger almost has no leisure sports watches, but has the invariably dress watches, especially Jaeger master series, the appearance is elegant, as far as I know, a lot of friends of Jaeger at first sight are attracted by Jaeger by its elegant, handsome appearance.

Specific analysis in terms of price

For a complete analysis of all two watches brands, we will find that the Jaeger-LeCoultre grade is higher than Rolex’s argument is caused by what has been mentioned above. For Jaeger-LeCoultre there are a lot of watches with complex functions, such as tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendars and other top complex functions, Jaeger-LeCoultre products can do it, but the price is very high, some even ridiculously high, which makes that the Jaeger-LeCoultre price and the overall level are higher than Rolex watches. But if you have a Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre, it is also a very wonderful collocation, such as having a few thousand dollars Rolex submariner, and a piece of tens of thousands of dollars Jaeger-LeCoultre master watch, completely can exist at the same time, it is also a more harmonious thing.

How about Legend movement: Rolex Cal.1570?

Rolex movement

Rolex movement

1570 movement belongs to Rolex 15 series movement. Rolex 15 series movement probably appeared in the fifties of the last century, it was almost 60 years ago. The whole series of 15 has at least a dozen models, movement number from 1520 to 1580, earthquake frequency are 18000 and 19800, the earthquake frequency of 1570 movement is 19800.Rolex is a big family of Observatory certification, most of these movements have the certification mark.1570 movement just like today’s famous 3135 and 3255 movement, they are famous for their excellent stability, precision and durability. Rolex launched the 1570 movement to in line with the so-called “Daily watch”, in order to comply with this position, while this movement is durable and accurate, it is also convenient to repair and maintain.

Annoying details of Rolex 1570 movement

In general, if you want to measure the good and bad of a movement, the escapement mechanism is also a key indicator. The 1570 movement has screw balance wheel; we adjust the speed by four screws inside the wheel. Microstella fine-tuning the system effect is also very good, its precision can up to a second, especially with double gossamer, it accuracy can be very reliable.

Open the 1601 back cover, a red round of the 1570 movement is clearly visible. There is particularly worth to mention that the almost all of 1570 movement have used Rolex recognizable red wheel, it can be said to be one of the significant feature recognition of Rolex.  The red wheel has been used TEFLON spraying process; it is excellent in terms of corrosion, abrasion, reducing friction.

General comments: 1570 movement can be called one of the most classic movement of Rolex history, but also one of the important factors to consolidate the Rolex’s status of the industry, even known as one of the best movement of the 20th century, so although times have past and circumstances have changed, it is still miss and love by many fans.

How to solve the problem of the time of Rolex watches being not accurate

Rolex watches

Rolex watches

The principle of “rebanking pendulum” of mechanical watch: The oscillator that composed of hairspring and balance wheel is rotating in high-speed, however, if it swings beyond a certain oscillation range, it will occur hammer pendulum. The pendulum hammer is also called “rebanking”, it is a phenomenon that under a high swing situation, the impact on the nail hit an escapement fork head outside. The consequences is to greatly shorten the oscillation period of the balance, and accompanying rapid gallop horseshoe shaped high speed watch sound, the second hand runs faster.

Dynamic storage: You need to check whether the power is sufficient, automatic Chain Watch low power may be caused by insufficient power storage, power can be supplemented by manual chain mode, and then continue to observe whether there is the phenomenon of fast and slow.

To beat or strike: All watches are very inseparable, if they get hit may lead to loosening and damage of the internal parts. So you may be very careful when wearing it, otherwise it will be broken.

Maintenance: if the movement lack of oil or internal parts wear and aging may cause problems of time, it need maintenance, it should be sent to the designated point of repair and maintenance services.

The transmission fault: in straight type transmission form, the wheel is sheathed on the center wheel component tube; the center wheel is driven by friction force to rotate with the wheel. When the transmission line is fault, it will affect the pointer’s movement. The maintenance method is put the wheel component again on the center wheel tube, reducing friction.

The fault of great wheel: In the transmission form of great wheel’s output, generally set two wheels together, constitute a double wheel, this is also easy to cause the pointer to fall off. The up wheel and the cross wheel was meshing; the down wheel and the great wheel (i.e. a round box) should be engaged.

Why do men wear Rolex watches?

rolex swiss watch

rolex watch

Some people say that I buy a watch just because when I drive it is convenient and safe to show the time. It is easy to understand, really when you are driving, watching a time on one’s hands at a glance really, really is convenient and safe.

Some people will ask: “now look at the time can just through seeing the mobile phone, why should a man wearing a watch?” a man wearing a watch not only is to look at the time, this is more a taste of fashion; Look at the Western movie, the men are wearing a basic watch.

Why do those successful men love to wear a watch?

In fact, there are always some practical things for man’s belongings, such as lighters, belts, hats, glasses.

One of these also can be said to be a man’s decorations. However, the watch mostly can reflect a person’s taste, especially a man’s worthy thing, but also the best and the most valuable accessories. Wearing a watch gives people the feeling that this person has a concept of time; work is very particular about the efficiency. When a man gives a feeling of this kind of thing, then when dealing with people, it can let a person feel trust, the chances of success also increases.

Watch is different from the clothing and watches can reflect the male friend of unique taste through the good brand watches fine workmanship and elegant shape, and wearing a refined watch can your identity and instrumentation points.

Successful men like to wear a watch as it can let male friend feel more masculine charm. If they take on a golden necklace, what will other person feel?

And a watch belt, especially the Rolex watch can display their own economic strength, can reflect their own tastes, subtle and unassuming, knock on benefits, give you unlimited grace, temperament and self-confidence. There’s a problem, after wearing the watch, in the minutes and seconds of time, wearing the watch will have a sense of oppression, and thus more progressing.

Rolex Daytona Watch: What You Should Know

Rolex Daytona Watch

Rolex Daytona Watch

Talk about the famous watch, it is hard not to think of Rolex, study on Rolex is difficult not to mention the what kind of a watch of Daytona in the end ? Then let us take a look today.

Daytona was famous through the race activities

Daytona is a city in the U.S. state of Florida, from the beginning of 1903; it is famous for they held many activities. Even in September 3, 1935 created a record of 481.81 kilometers per hour, which is amazing. This is known as the car of the capital city, Rolex began sponsoring the “Rolex 24 at Daytona” endurance race in 1962.The following year, it was 1963, and the first Daytona watch was born.

From 1963 to 2013, a total of 9 Daytona watches were born, they were:6239、6241、6262、6264、6263、6265、16520、116520、116506.Daytona has used 5 models: Cal.72B, Cal.722-1, Cal.727 core, Cal.4030, Cal.4130.Basel in 2014, Rolex launched the new platinum diamond Daytona; it is equipped with 4130 movement.

Good design and high quality movement created a classic watch

I always think PN Daytona (short for Paul Newman, namely the Daytona 6262) is the most beautiful sport steel watch, its excellent design and high quality movement created a generation of classic. Due to the scarcity of production and having many fans, coupled with Italian speculation, the classic Paul Newman Daytona’s market prices rising to today’s average transaction price of more than 50 million from original 2 million. If there is a special font on the dial or case, it is to sell millions or even millions of price! It is really crazy enough. Now the price is too expensive!

If you want to get the Paul Newman Daytona watch, or you take it from game player who you know through and through, or you take a full set of subsidiary goods.

Rolex watch winding note

Rolex watch

Rolex watch

What is the “wind up”? The “winding mechanism” is the tightly rolled steel sheet, mechanical clocks, watch and toys are equipped with winding mechanism. Wind up means to compress the spring in the space, then when its elastic force release gradually, it will generate power. It is used to describe people who mean a man as tireless as machines.

How many Rolex watch winders have?

Generally, winding normally 30, it is basically full (unless you wind fully every time).Some watch actually does not matter, as long as you keep on until they stop, the spring is full. For automatic watch, almost automatic watch can use the hand to wind up, especially the first wear or the second time after stop, they all need to wind up by hand at first.

When you wear it at the first time, we suggest that do not rely on automatic rotor. As we all know, automatic watch will never be full of string, so winding number of automatic watch, we suggest that more is better than less, such as wind up to 40, it basically guarantee to the full.

Note of winding Rolex mechanical watch

Any so-called “automatic” things are not unconditional, mechanical things of course should abide to the principle, the watch is the same, the premise of “automatic” is your arm to move first. According to the principle of physics work, the level of mobile object does not work (unless you shake with acceleration), so the wrist translation can not wind up the watch. The method of winding automatic watches should be like this, along the plane of the automatic tourbillon, swinging your arm high and low, at this time, the rotor’s rotation is at maximum, but if along the rotor axial to swing, and automatic rotor also does not rotate. People swing arms are the natural random movements, any force can be decomposed into axial and radial, only effect on the automatic radial can make a hard.

Appreciation on the Rolex oyster perpetual yacht-master watch

Rolex Yatch Master

Rolex Yatch Master

Version: 116655-Oysterflex bracelet
Movement type: automatic engine

Case material: 18K Rose Gold / Bidirectional rotating 60 minute scale ring

Watchband material: Rubber

Case diameter: 40mm in diameter

Watch comments for this Rolex watch: The perfect collocation of black and gold makes this watch to be ahead of the fashion. 18CT rose gold oyster insurance deduction will prevent accidental opening. The 40mm watch case is more suitable for men whose wrist is thick. The new Cerachrom black pottery word circle fully reflects the essence of the yacht master type. The polished stereo digital and scale are particularly striking on the matte color word circle. This watch’s characteristic is that the material of its new OYSTERFLEX is not ordinary rubber. Its Durable degree is the same as the metal strap’s precision. Inside the watchband, the elastic nickel titanium alloy sheet is connected to the case and oyster type safety buckle, and the outer layer is coated with high performance black rubber metal sheet, these all bring wear comfortable effect. The 3135 automatic movement is said to be the king of automatic movements. The secret of this precise movement is the paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. Its power storage is up to 48 hours. It is a good choose of fashion watches lovers.

Summary: There is a saying, people will choose Rolex no matter the understand watches or not. I do not know where this sentence comes from, but I think it is quite reasonable. At least it is such a situation in the real life. People who totally do not understand watches at all will buy Rolex for its popularity and people who know watches will buy Rolex for its durability and precision and other reasons. So now, no matter how much we know about watches, if we buy a Rolex, we will not lose anything. Even if you don’t understand, worn out will not make people feel that you don’t know watches. Compared to other watch brands, Rolex are indeed more durable and precise.

Swiss Watches: 2015 watch brand search volume Top 50

Rolex Watch

Rolex Watch

As a professional business man jewelry online retailer, Karus Chains is quite prestigious in terms of jewelry products Internet search trends research .Recently, the electronic commerce website released the 2014-2015 watch brand search results (based on Google Search data). Generally speaking, large data marketing agency’s research of Internet search is very detailed, it covering numerous searches and charged for information achievement tariff. Karus Chains’ method is simpler; he released the results on his own blog for free.

Take the most representative of the search words (usually a brand name or brand name +”watch”), the final result is very interesting. Not surprisingly, Apple Watch topped the list by 60000000 times the search volume .In 2014 this data is less than 10000000, an increase of more than 800%.

Turning to the traditional Swiss watchmaking brand, we will be more familiar with the picture.  Rolex is the leader, TAG Heuer has replaced OMEGA’s position with the increase over the past year, and the latter’s search volume remained stable. In addition, we can see that the average effect of Google Keyword Planner. TAG Heuer, Omega and swatch (8076000) recorded the same search volume data, then Michael kors watches, Tissot and Breitling (5.4 million), then Patek Philippe, Hublot and zenith 4416000.

Even considering the average value, we can still find some surprises from it. Piaget (perhaps because the brand is also famous jeweler, statistics retrieval has not+ “watch”) and Panerai were recorded nearly the search volume 2000000 times. On the other hand, Cartier (Cartier watches) and Tudor (Tudor watches) bringing up to the rear, respectively ranked 37th and 39th.

Among all the rolex watches, one of the most impressive watches is the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 version, middle-level watch case is made of 18ct rose gold; and it is featuring the central hour second hand; instantaneous calendar, rapid correction;3135 automatic movement, official accreditation hour (COSC), Oysterflex high performance synthetic rubber watchband. It is worth to buy.